Cheap Platz Gathers Everquest 2 Platinum / Plat and Krono's on the Six Main Live Servers:  Isle of Refuge, Thurgadin, Maj'Dul, Halls of Fate, Antonia Bayle & Skyfire. We Play, Group, Craft, Harvest, Get Shinnies, & sell you cheap American Made Plat. Buy EQ/EQ2 plat or Krono from a website that will provide support for my American Family trying to support their well being.


-Thank you from my Family to yours, Lance


Monday - Friday : 3:30pm - 8pm EST

Saturday: 5pm - 8pm EST

Sunday: 9am - 8pm EST

*Message me anytime to ask if I'm available*

Click the yellow Chat to your right :)


How it works?

  1. Select your server

  2. Select how much Platinum/Kronos you'd like

  3. Add it to cart and then check out with PayPal

  4. Then I personally will meet you at BB docks(EQ2)/Parcel (In-game Mail)(EQ) and deliver your Plat or Kronos (I sometimes Mail Plat)

Due to the fluctuating nature of the game economy, prices are subject to change at any time. 
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