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Cheap Platz Gathers Everquest 2 Platinum / Plat and Krono's on the Six Main Live Servers: Isle of Refuge, Thurgadin, Maj'Dul, Halls of Fate, Antonia Bayle & Skyfire. We Play, Group, Craft, Harvest, Get Shinnies, & sell you cheap American Made Plat. Buy EQ/EQ2 plat or Krono from a website that will support my American Family trying to support their well-being.

-Thank you from my Family to yours, Lance

CashApp Being Accepted


Donations are more then welcome to keep this website going

For Fastest Service for EQ2 players - Use your eq2 login credentials and log into the EQ1 Client with those. Make a toon on Firiona Vie (RP) Server. This will unlock the fastest service available with no meetup needed since we can send with mail then. They will show up on your EQ2 account since they are Account Bound :)

ALL Hours May Vary

Please Chat First, trying to get you kronos as fast as possible

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For EQ1 we will Parcel to your Toon on FV server only

For EQ2 TLE orders made for Varsoon Server upon ordering be at Sinking Sands Docks by the Bell.

For all EQ2 Live Server orders for Plat we can Mail or meetup

For all EQ2 Live Server orders for Krono be at BB docks Banker (He is on the left side when you come from the Bell) or by docks bell

How it works?

  1. Select your server

  2. Select how much Platinum/Kronos you'd like

  3. Add it to cart and then check out with PayPal

  4. Then I personally will meet you at BB docks for (EQ2) except for Kaladim - that will be at Sinking Sands Docks by the Bell and for (EQ1) use Parcel (In-game Mail) and deliver your Kronos (I sometimes Mail Plat for EQ2 only)

  5. After Hours no Chat. But completed Orders will notify us and we will Deliver straight away.

  6. If Complete Order is with EQ no need to wait it will get Parcel'd

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